Ensuring respect for risk Most executives understand the need for controls that alert them to trends and behaviors they should monitor, the better to mobilize in response to an evolving risk situation. And while managers are unlikely to approve of skirting the ... Read More
Why Your Business Needs An Accounting Software Research has shown that over 98 percent of Nigeria’s Micro and small scale businesses do not have formal or what we may call a standard book-keeping culture. While most of ... Read More
    Businesses face a myriad of challenges that leave them vulnerable to many forms of risk, including regulatory, reputational and litigation, among others. Evolving legal and ethical obligations pose constant challenges to a business and often in-house counsel are on the front ... Read More
IFRS Immersion Course For Accountants, Auditors & Finance Personnel This 3-Day IFRS immersion training has been designed to teach in-depth knowledge about IFRS with practical application examples.The training sessions will be led by subject-matter professionals with deep IFRS and Nigeria Statement of Accounting Standards experience. Attendance at this programme will provide the participants opportunity to discuss practical issues on application of IFRS and to ensure effective compliance with IFRS. Certificates will be awarded to all ... Read More
   Indian based accounting solution company, E-trends Technologies India has  signed a partnership deal with PML  advisory limited to provide solution to the  mounting challenges  of managing , controlling and reporting internal  audit  system that are confronting emerging and ... Read More
    A financial plan is a forecast of future performance for a business, usually prepared using spreadsheet software. Small businesses can benefit greatly from taking the time to do a financial plan at least annually. The plan helps a small ... Read More
  An important in the internal auditor's toolbox, risk-based auditing effectively serves the three primary roles of internal auditing — to provide feedback on the adequacy of internal control, to provide a source of information for monitoring risk, and to provide identification and communication ... Read More
  The world has learned the hard way over the past year that most companies have done a bad job of managing risk. And not only banks and investment firms. Accenture’s Global Risk Management Study  found that executives at business enterprises across a wide range of industries believe overwhelmingly that they ... Read More
  External Auditors: An Ally or Opponent? Unfortunately, the finance departments of many companies mistakenly believe that having an external audit annually is part of their internal control structure they can rely on to ensure their financial statements are accurate and their internal controls are sound.   While the objective of an external audit ... Read More
Professional financial advisors have years of training, tools, and experience working with many different clients and situations. Because of their broad experience, professional advisors can quickly assess your needs and offer advice that reflects the best practices of the financial industry and is appropriate for your particular needs. In addition, and ... Read More

Have Respect for Risk

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