It is common knowledge that regulatory provisions are ever increasing, especially in a country like Nigeria where there are multiple sectors, sub-sectors, and industries. Presently, there are over 1000 regulatory provisions cutting across regulators such as Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Advertising ... Read More
The world has gone beyond manual ways of doing things; as technology evolves in the 21st century, only organizations and small businesses that are smart enough use it as a form of leverage against competitors. Leverage gives one ... Read More
  The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) plays a very important role in the attempt to ensure that a company complies with regulations guiding the profession. Every company with a department for regulatory compliance has a CCO. Compliance means establishing adequate supervision and ... Read More
Cloud accounting software is hosted on remote servers, and provides accounting capabilities similar to the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. Cloud accounting software is particularly more useful for ... Read More
The main reason for setting up any business is to make profit. Businesses can only make profit when they consistently meets the demands of their customers. Administration and compliance are essential parts of a business that attention should be paid ... Read More
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Payroll is a company's records of its employee's wages, bonuses, and withholding's. Payroll is a major expense for businesses. How does payroll work? Employees keep a record of the number of hours, days, or weeks that they have worked, depending on the ... Read More
It is common knowledge that companies that do not take auditing records seriously are positioning themselves for ominous compliance implications. Truly, servicing clients and managing employees can be tasking, yet, good records management should not be taken granted. With Audit Management ... Read More
  The Federal Executive Council, the highest Executive decision making organ in Nigeria just approved a new National Tax Policy for the country. The policy will now be endorsed by the National Economic Council to recognize the Federal System of Government given ... Read More
With the current economic realities in Nigeria, it is evident that most organizations cannot withstand regulatory punches - yet, myriads are incessantly falling victims of such. In 2015/2016 alone, regulatory tides were against large corporations that were fined over N1billion due to ... Read More


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