When a crisis hits your organisation, how will you find out about it as a board member? Through employees, customers, or maybe virally through social media? Hopefully though, your organisation has a well-prepared and well-rehearsed crisis plan, in which case you will most likely learn about the facts of the crisis ... Read More
    FROM next year, the Risk Managers Association of Nigeria (RIMAN), partnering the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), will be awarding Risk Management Certification to practitioners and others aiming to build a career in the field. This followed the signing of ... Read More
  The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) of Nigeria has affirmed that the inclusion of not-for-profit Non Governmental Organisations(NGOs) in the National Code of Corporate Governance (NCCG) in the country is not for taxation purposes. Speaking at the public hearing in Lagos on the NCCG for NGOs over the weekend, the Chairman of ... Read More
      No one organisation exists in a vacuum, rather they exist and interact with other similar and different organisation within the same business and regulatory environment.  This relationship triggered by the fallout of the global financial crisis has brought the importance of ... Read More
    Corporate Risk Management; Nigerian Perspective Nigeria is not exempted from the current volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the world today and the importance of risk management cannot be over emphasized especially with the consequences of deficit economy that we are currently ... Read More
  Oil revenues? Nope, not for today’s fast emerging African entrepreneurs and millionaires! Are you wondering in which sectors you will find the most profitable business opportunities in Africa? Then this article is for you! Last year, there were several inspiring success stories of African entrepreneurs who ... Read More
For the many individuals who have ever thought about starting their own business, chances are there was one thing that stopped them: the risks. Many people think about starting their own business only to be turned off by the projected risk, time ... Read More
Everyone wants an easier and faster way of doing things for business tasks such as raising invoices, managing inventories and tracking expenses and banking reconciliation does not have to be tedious anymore. Here are a few reasons why business management solutions ... Read More
    Why Excel isn’t a long term solution Excel can do a large number of tasks, is easily available and is very widely used in the world of business. And it would be wrong not to not acknowledge this up front. However, ... Read More

Using Risk Management to Respond to CRISIS

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