Tax Compliance and Payroll

Tax Compliance

We will take care of your tax and compliance issues and provide full information for filing with the inland revenue service. We will ensure that your returns are timely to avoid penalties.


Avoid the headaches and let us take care of your payroll. Our software is developed and maintained in-house. We use tried-and tested methods of operation with a focus on accuracy. Your payroll is meticulously checked by our payroll experts. We maintain comprehensive notes of the full payroll process, ensuring your payroll is always processed even when key personnel are absent.

Tax Compliance and Payroll

Taxes are established by law in Nigeria. Such tax must have been passed into law through enactment of relevant statute (Act, By-law, decree among others). The tax law establishes the administrative body and specify its tax jurisdiction. Tax structure in Nigeria is tailored towards Nigerian governance hierarchy (Federal, State and Local Government).