Elizabeth Fatuga

Elizabeth Fatuga
Senior Associate, Audit and Accounting Services

Elizabeth Fatuga

Elizabeth is a chartered accountant with 6 years experience in tax, accounts preparation and audit of organizations in various sector such as financial industry, automobile industry, among others

Elizabeth is a graduate of Babcock University with a “second class upper” in Accounting. She started her career at Fefe Consulting Limited being an accountant and administrative officer before joining PML, as a member of the audit team, Elizabeth has been engaged in various audit exercises across industries in Nigeria.

Elizabeth presently have over 5 years’ experience in Auditing, Accounting, Accounting Software deployment, Client relationship management in different industry sectors. She has experience in auditing of various industry such as financial services, constructions, banking, Investment and asset management, Bureau de change, manufacturing companies. Etc

She has engaged in trainings for accounting firms on auditing and use of audit software. She has also worked on reporting accountant projects.

She is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.

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Elizabeth Fatuga

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